Stem Cell Tourism Facilitation Service – Where Should You Go for Mesenchymal Stem Cell or Cord Blood treatments

As parents to three autistic and epileptic children, who have seen wonderful results from stem cell and cord blood-based treatments, we have been assisting other families in choosing and reaching these treatments in various manners. In this article, we will detail our stem cell tourism facilitation program.

It is important to stress that we do not provide medical consultation. The content of this blog do not replace consultation with a doctor. In order to receive medical treatments, you will need to consult with a doctor.

A Stem Cell Tourism Facilitation Service Business

Since Dolev had stem cell therapy in March 2019, we have been helping others learn about the treatment. As time passed we found ourselves spending more and more time on this.

We spoke to more and more families. Explained the basics of how to get to the clinic we chose in Russia and later in Serbia.

At some point, people asked us for more than just basic information. At first, we helped with Hebrew to English medical translation. Then we were asked to sit in on consultation meetings.

We found ourselves operating a stem cell tourism facilitation service. By opening up a business around this topic, we realized we could help more people.

We opened up a Facebook group to help families share information and experiences.

And now we want to offer our service to anyone who can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

?Why we chose stem cell and cord blood therapy

Dolev gets stem cells IV while sedated - Stem Cell Tourism Facilitation Service

Our story starts with Dolev, our eldest boy. He was 2.5 years old when he was diagnosed with autism. A couple of months later he had a serious epileptic seizure.

Shira had learned in nursing school about cord blood treatments for autism, being researched in the USA.

She was already pregnant at the time with Nevo, our third boy. We had hoped to use his cord blood to get treatment at Duke University. Unfortunately, the waiting lists were unbearably long.

At about age 5, Dolev’s refractory epilepsy was not responding to any medication. It was getting worse, and it pushed us to seek alternative clinics.

We found Umbilical-cord-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy at “Stem Cell Institute” in Panama, and placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy at “Swiss Medica” clinic in Russia.

In March 2019, we took a flight to the closer clinic to Israel in Russia.

Our hope was that Dolev’s communication skills will improve in such a way that will help us protect him from injury if he is about to have a seizure.

After just one treatment, his seizures never returned.

His communication skills also improved much quicker and better than we expected. We had gone back several times.

We also managed to get Nevo his cord blood treatment after his autism diagnosis.

Helping others reach stem cell therapy

While we were still waiting for treatment at Duke University, Shira discovered that doctor Omer Bar-Yossef at Sheba Medical Center, was working on cord blood treatment-based research. He was going to give cord blood to babies born with heart defects, who needed surgery post-birth.

She spoke with him about the autism and CP research at Duke. He wasn’t initially interested. However, Shira grouped up with similar parents with cord blood. The doctor was then convinced to open up a similar clinical trial.

Some of the families in Dolev’s special education Kindergarten wanted to join his next treatment. These parents saw with their own eyes the change that Dolev was undergoing. We also became active on Facebook and some more people requested our help.

It was so important to us to put the information out there. People’s lives could improve tremendously from this treatment.

So we started this blog, and later opened a facebook group. People would call us day and night. It was starting to become overwhelming.

We started to charge for consultation meetings. The blog as a hobby became a business.

We learned over time, what people needed in terms of stem cell tourism facilitation services. We wrote a 9 meetings program. Then dwindled it down to just the 4 most essential meetings.

Stem Cell Medical Tourism Facilitation Program

The facilitation program includes 4 zoom meetings with Shira a registered nurse:

  1. Intake meeting: Shira will take your information, and explain how stem cells work. She will help you decide if there’s any reason to avoid stem cell therapy. (If there is any reason to discontinue, we will only charge for this meeting). She will explain where we recommend applying for treatment. Then a medical file needs to be complied and forms filled out if they are required by the clinics you choose.
  2. Medical consultation from the clinic: Shira or Hagai will sit with you in the medical consultation zoom with the medical representative from the clinic. We make sure you receive all the information you need from them.
  3. Preparation for the treatment: approximately a week before treatment, Shira will sit with you and go over the treatment plan as detailed by the clinic you chose. She will give you guidance for a successful flight and stay overseas.
  4. Follow-up meeting approximately one-week post-treatment: Shira will help you process the experience of having gone through a medical procedure overseas. She will give you parental guidance tips on how to proceed post-treatment, to try to maximize the effects of the treatment.

Our program includes our response via personal WhatsApp as well.

The service costs 4000 Israeli Shekels (approximately 1200$). This can be paid in international bank transfer or Paypal. Contact us if you are interested in our help.

Hagai and Shira - Stem Cell Tourism Facilitation Service providers

Who is the service for?

We aim to provide families with a smoother medical tourism experience. As parents to special needs children, the majority of our clients are also parents.

On top of the four basic meetings, some parents will add additional meetings, based on Shira’s professional experience. For example, some parent’s ask Shira for additional parenting guidance.

Others asked her to instruct the educational staff. What the child is going to go through in the treatment,what they might see as a result, and how to adjust the educational/treatment program if the child shows signs that the treatment was successful.

The fee for any additional meetings to the “Stem Cell Medical Tourism Facilitation Program” is 350 Israeli Shekels (approximately 105$).

We can also adjust our program to assist adults seeking stem cell therapy.

Who our service is not for

What we don’t want to do is waste people’s time and money on a service they don’t require. We don’t want people to take our service in order to reach treatment.

We want people to take our service because they feel they need the extra support.

If you just want to reach treatment, all you have to do go to our recommended clinics page. Contact information is there. You will find clear instructions there as well.

In Conclusion

We hope to provide the patients of stem cell therapy a better experience when seeking the treatment.

It is important to stress again the importance of reaching out to the experts for medical consultation. Our service and the content in our blog do not replace proper medical procedure before seeking treatment.

We had good life-changing results from this experimental treatment. This is not a promise that this medical procedure will successes for you. In fact some of our clients have not reported any significant positive changes from the treatment.

It takes a village to raise a child

I recommend looking for support groups with experienced special needs parents. For this purpose, we have opened another Facebook group for parenting skills. This is in addition to our Stem cell therapy support group for families looking for information about the treatment based on umbilical cord blood or stem cells. Both of these groups are mainly for Hebrew speakers but you are welcome to join if you think it can benefit you.

For those who are not active on Facebook, join our silent WhatsApp group, where you will receive notifications about events we organize. Again most of these will be in Hebrew, but you can catch the odd English lectures. You can find recordings of these on our youtube channel.

There are many experienced parents in social media groups. You are also welcome to contact us of course for parental guidance or any of our other services.

Our Blog

The Autism Essentials Israel blog is written by Hagai and Shira Reiner, two parents of children with special needs – autism, epilepsy, and more. We focus on the essentials of raising special needs children in Israel, but much of our content will be relevant globally


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