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Services for parents of special needs children

We provide services for parents of special needs. We draw from our professional knowledge and personal experiences as parents to children with autism and epilepsy and other special needs conditions. Many of the topics we cover in our blog can be discussed in our parental guidance sessions. You may contact us for help in reaching out to clinics that provide stem cell therapy. If necessary, we will provide you with our VIP service: We will help you gather the relevant medical documents (translate if necessary), handle your registration, manage all the details for the flight to your clinic of choice and help you gather the information needed for follow-up after the treatment. We also provide Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew translation services.

Hagai and Shira - we provide services for parents of special needs children
Shira – registered Nurse
Hagai – Language teacher and Hebrew-English translator
Parents to 4 children. One child with autsim and epilepsy, one with autism and another
with epilepsy.

We have been through a journey of learning to parent children with complex needs like autism, epilepsy, asthma and EOE

In 2019 we started stem cell therapy treatments for our eldest, in 2021 for our third child and when our youngest will be old enough he will probably get SCT as well. The benefits from the treatment were amazing for seizure control and communication.

Services we provide for parents of special needs children

  1. Autism First Aid – parental guidance for pre and post autism diagnosis
  2. Basics of Epilepsy – presentation on recognition and treatment
  3. Stem Cell Therapy Basics: What are stem cells? How to find a stem cell clinic?
  4. Stem Cell VIP: we will help you manage the process of finding a stem cell clinic and preparation for the flight to your clinic of choice. We will help you with the required follow-up letters
  5. English-Hebrew Translation Services

Autism First Aid – services for parents of autistic children or post diagnosis

It’s not an easy task to get your child diagnosed with autism. It’s emotionally taxing. A child with a diagnosis doesn’t make us bad parents. If you came here to seek help, you are a good parent. Now it’s time to learn about autism and how it is represented in your child. By taking our lessons you will learn how to help your child grow and be as independent and happy as possible. Our lessons include:

  1. Pre-diagnosis assistance: for parents who are unsure if they should get diagnosis and want to consult with us before.
  2. Basics of autism. What does autism mean? How do we read the diagnosis. How is autism represented in my child?
  3. Initial steps following the diagnosis. Making sure you and your child get everything they deserve from the state. (Dealing with the Israeli bureaucracy)
  4. Creating a practical daily routine
  5. What is a Sensory Processing Disorder? How do we help a child deal with SPD?
  6. How to teach an autistic child to sleep.
  7. Reorganizing the house to accommodate special needs
  8. Telling the difference between Tantrum, Meltdown, Shutdown and Burnout. How to prevent or handle correctly.
  9. Home treatment programs: choosing the right professionals to come into your house.
  10. New language: when and how to share the diagnosis with others and the autistic child.
  11. Emotional support: what kind of emotional support services are available for parents. How to take care of your children’s emotional needs.

Basics of Epilepsy – mini-course on recognition and treatment of epilepsy

Get to know the basics of epilepsy. You need to be prepared to take care of your loved ones during a seizure.

  1. Learn to recognize different seizures
  2. How to behave during a seizure (dos and don’ts)
  3. Recognize pre-seizure behavior.
  4. What to do after a seizure ended
  5. When, how and to who do you need to report a seizure

The Basics of Epilepsy lesson will give you access to basic instructional printouts to put up at home and school.

Stem Cell Therapy Basics – How to find the right stem cell therapy and clinic

In this course we will explain the basics of stem cell therapy as is written in our blog. You will understand how this treatment could help you or your child. Which conditions can be treated today with stem cells. What kind of treatment options are available and where.

  1. What are stem cells and how do they help or cure certain conditions?
  2. Where do stem cells come from for the medical usage?
  3. How to choose a stem cell clinical trial or private treatment?
  4. Warning signs: what to avoid for safety reasons

Recommended clinics can be found on our recommended clinics page.

Program price: 80$USD per session

Stem Cell VIP: Stem cell therapy support program – Administrative support and guidance sessions

The support program is aimed at helping parents of children with developmental delays from conditions such as autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and more, to reach stem cell therapy programs more easily. We will work for you to make the process easier.

Our program includes administrative assistance to apply for stem cell therapy under clinical trials or in private clinics which we have researched and found to be professional. We will help you reach out to clinics of your choice, and explain the treatment plans you will receive. 

You will also have guidance sessions where we will explain what can be expected to happen at a clinic, what should be done at home to support success from the treatment, and what to do after receiving the treatment.

The program includes:

  • Up to 9 zoom sessions.*
  • Document collection, form filling (where necessary), explanation of the administrative process.
  • Explanation of treatment plans
  • Up to two zoom sessions can be used for escort on the consultations with the clinics’ doctors
  • Preparation for the trip: coordinating expectations, going over the checklist (make sure you have passports, visas, payment for the treatment, etc.)
  • Patient follow-up form (assistance writing the form if needed)
  • One week after the treatment session
  • One, two and three month after the treatment sessions

*Any additional sessions can be added at our hourly rate

Program price: 1250$USD

Hebrew-English translation services

If you require high quality English – Hebrew we will translate for a reasonable rate. Hagai has been translation for 10 years prior to launching the blog. Our specialty is medical document

Contact us for more information about our services for parents and patients