Autism Essentials Israel – Raising happy children with autism

Raising happy children with autism

We are writing this blog because we have gone through a journey from feeling that the whole world is against us, to finding communities, to realizing that despite everything, we managed to raise two happy children with autism. Then we found ourselves giving back to the community.

Who are we

Hagai and Shira writers of the  autism essentials Israel blog - raising happy children with autism

Shira – Registered nurse. Writes most of the content. and makes sure all the medical information is accurate and up to date.

Hagai – ex Language teacher. Site Manager, content writer. I’m in charge of research. is a blog by Hagai and Shira, parents to 4 children. Our eldest was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy at the age of two and a half. The third was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 and a half. And our fourth was diagnosed with epilepsy at two weeks old.

Our vision

We believe that every child deserves a chance to be happy. By supplying parents with knowledge and tools we believe they will be better at giving their children the highest chance to live the best life they can have. Parents the are more equipped will have more happy children with autism, and become happier themselves.

We will be sharing our story, in hopes that it will help families at the start of their journey of understanding ASD and what it takes to raise happy children with autism.

Our goals

Strengthening the parents of special needs community.

To have special needs children receive the most appropriate treatments, to give them the chance to grow up happy and as independent as possible.

Spread understanding of autism to reduce stigma. So individuals with special needs will enjoy the equality they deserve, regardless of background.

What will you find on our website

In our blog, you will be able to peek into our personal lives. You will receive important tips for parents for any parent, important tips for dealing with ASD, epilepsy, ADHD, and more. We will also be covering some standard and experimental treatments related to these fields, to recommend or warn against.

The services we provide

We provide several different services:


Hebrew-English translation.


We help parents understand how to approach diagnosis, what to do during the next first steps, how to introduce the diagnosis to family and society, how to prepare the school staff to handle epilepsy, and more.

We have consulted several families to find out if stem cell therapy, as we had done for our children, was going to be a good option for theirs.

Contact us to set up a consolation on the phone, or face to face (Israel).


On our website, you will find recommendations for ASD parenting-related products, that we reviewed and found worthy. Some links will be marked (sponsored) so you will know these are paying us a commission.

We are also promoting our own products, which are based on tools and knowledge we accumulated in the years of raising our ASD kids. We aim to provide parents with the fresh start of figuring out ASD, tools

So hop on over to the shop section of our website and see if there are any products that answer your needs.


We do not accept charity. If you would like to show your support, please share our posts with anyone you know that might find the information we are sharing interesting. Follow us on Facebook for extras.

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