Recommended Stem Cell Clinics

You can find our list of recommended stem cell clinics on this page. I will first explain stem cell therapy in simple terms. I will explain how we chose the clinics where we treated our children. Our focus in this blog is on the type of treatments we did. So most recommended stem cell clinics here, will have those options.

The stem cell therapies we personally did were either cord blood or perinatal MSC. Some clinics will have more options. We chose these since they don’t require any invasive procedures.

Additionally, we are treating our children for autism and epilepsy. Since this is our focus, this page includes clinics that treat at least one of these conditions. However, the potential of this treatment is for so much more.

For our opinion on a clinic that’s not listed, leave a question in the comment section. You can also contact us directly, and we will be happy to help. Contact us if you want help with the medical tourism aspect.

The information on our blog does not replace medical consultation. It is not an obligation for a specific result from stem cell therapy.

Consult with the experts before making descision.

Recommended stem cell clinics - cord blood transfusion
Cord blood transfusion – Israeli clinical trial

The basics of stem cell therapy

Before getting around to the list of our recommended stem cell clinics, some background.

The first step for starting stem cell therapy is understanding the basics.

We started our journey for stem cell therapy with cord blood preservation at Taburit. Through this cord blood bank, we learned about the clinical trial at Duke university.

It’s still unclear if cord blood is more effective than other stem cell sources. But there is one clear advantage at this stage: price. If you’ve managed to preserve enough cord blood, this could be a free treatment.

An alternative is an MSC clinical trial, which would be even cheaper.

In addition, another reason to preserve cord blood is the insurance policy. Once these types of treatments become conventional, you will be able to get coverage. Treatment at the recommended private stem cell clinics is very expensive. Insurance coverage will make SCT more accessible to the public.

If you wish to support other families seeking this treatment consider donating to crowd funding campaigns.

I also recommend reading our article on preparation before participation in a clinical trial.

Stem cell therapy for autism or cerebral palsy in Israel

One clear advantage of cord blood is that it is immediately available for transfusion in clinical trials. This could mean free treatment. The Israeli clinical trial is free. But you need *autologous cord blood to participate in the Israeli clinical trial.

*Autologous means from yourself. Autologous cord blood is the blood taken from the umbilical cord at the birth of the child that is being treated. The blood in the umbilical cord has the baby’s DNA.

Since we couldn’t use Nevo’s (our third child) cord blood for Dolev (our eldest), we still had it when the Israeli trial opened.

We were able to enter Nevo into the clinical trial at Shiba Medical Center.

If you stored umbilical cord blood privately, you should check See if you meet the requirements for clinical trials in your country.

Israeli residents with autologous cord blood can try to enter the trial at Sheba Medical Center.

To register for the study at Sheba, make sure you have the cord blood unit document. This is provided by your cord blood bank. Make sure you have a large enough unit for the requirements of the study.

The umbilical cord blood document, together with the diagnosis, and the medical history must all be sent to the study to check if they will accept you.

The email address of the cord blood study in Israel:

*Currently, the study at Sheba has completed the phase of collecting participants. The study is currently in its first phase and does not collect many participants. After the research conclusions will be published, it is possible that a second phase will open, and it will be possible to register again. We will update here that there will be new information.

Requirement for the Sheba cord blood clinical trial

Basic requirements to apply to the study

  • A minimum of 20 million total cells per child’s weight in Kilograms
  • Child’s age is up to 12 years old
  • Diagnosis of autism or cerebral palsy

Check out the clinical trial entry on to see the full list of requirements and excluding criteria:

Global cord blood research

Until 2020, it was impossible to do stem cell treatments for children with autism or cerebral palsy in Israel. The tough bureaucracy, which protects us here, also monitors the progress of science.

Those who want options that are already available abroad, have to find and choose from the existing supply. This usually involves quite a heavy financial expense.

We tried to register Dolev for the study in the US, which the research in Israel was based on. An advantage that still exists for umbilical cord blood research in the US – the treatment can also be obtained from siblings’ umbilical cord blood units, provided there is minimal tissue matching.

When umbilical cord blood is transplanted, it must be ensured that there will be no immune reaction. The immune system will attack the foreign tissue unless it has a match. For this, HLA matching tests are done. (Some places only match blood type)

If you have all the prerequisites for participating in the cord blood study, but the blood samples are not the child’s, it is recommended to try the study in the US.

In order to register in the USA, you must prepare and email a translated medical history file.

Registration for research in the USA

The base camp for research in the USA at Duke University, and is directed by Professor Joanna Kurtzberg.

It can be found on the clinical studies website. It is listed as recruiting until 2020, but I understand they continue to accept experimenters.

[2022 update: Duke has not continued to stage 3 research with cord blood for autism. They are now focusing on MSC for autism instead.]

You should send the medical file to the registered email:

*There are other clinics where you can get umbilical cord blood, I will add to the list according to recommendations if I manage to find one.

**Currently the Duke expanded access program is not accepting new patients due to an overload of applicants. There might be a Cryo-Cell program opening soon under the Duke EAP.

What if I don’t have cord blood?

Many parents who seek our help ask us this question: “And if I didn’t save umbilical cord blood, then all is lost?”

Well… No. You don’t have to have your own umbilical cord blood anymore. Nor do you need to enter into a planned pregnancy in order to save a brother’s umbilical cord blood in order to register for a study in the US. There is another more common option in regenerative medicine: mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC).

In addition, according to conclusions published in the USA study, the single cord blood treatment is often not enough on its own, and follow-up treatments should be done. The treatment with mesenchymal stem cells allows easy and safe access to continued treatment. At Duke University, studies are now focusing on effect of umbilical cord tissue MSC treatments on people with autism up to age 35.

My third son was born at 36 weeks. The earlier babies are born, the smaller the umbilical cord blood dose will be. This was a problem for us when enrolling in the US program. There were only enough stem cells in the cord blood for about 18 kilos of body weight.

The problem with Duke program is that it is world famous. Everyone is trying to enroll into it.

The wait for an answer is very long.

Therefore, we started looking for recommended stem cell clinics that give cord blood in immediate availability. We found a lot of places. Many rejected us because they don’t accept children with underlying diseases like epilepsy.

(Mesenchymal Stromal Cell (MSC

Then we remembered friends who flew to Stem Cell Institute in Panama for treatment. We contacted them and learned about the new option. In Panama, they receive MSC stem cells that are extracted from umbilical cord tissue. We made an appointment for the end of April 2019. The wait is only three months!

In cinematic timing, we received an email from another clinic we happened to contact- Swiss Medica. They read the medical file, and think it is possible to treat our son…

We did some research, and decided they were reliable. We only had one recommendation, but from a good source. They had an earlier appointment available and in March 2019 we boarded a plane, and the rest is history. We landed in Moscow for our first stem cell treatment.

Dolev receiving his first treatment - at our top recommeded stem cell clinics
Dolev receiving his first stem cell treatment

Where are MSC obtained?

MSC can be derived from a variety of tissues: bone marrow, fat, prenatal tissues (placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, etc.), and more.

Normally, MSC can be found in various tissues of the body. MSC are responsible for healing processes using different mechanisms. In an MSC infusion therapy, a large but controlled amount of MSC is introduced into the bloodstream.

The MSC cells are used medically for a variety of deficiencies. From the treatment of orthopedic problems, corona damage, neurological conditions, and more.

When drug treatment does not provide a satisfactory solution, look into recommended stem cell clinics for consultation. For example, if you have drug-resistant epilepsy, you should see if they think stem cells could help before attempting brain surgery.

To receive stem cell therapy, you need to find a clinical study, or a private clinic in a country where the law allows the treatment.

Searching for more clinics

In September 2019, a father asked me for help. His child was in a very difficult and complex situation. However, Swiss Medica didn’t accept him for treatment.

They estimated that his condition would not improve by getting MSC.

My heart went out to the family. I felt that I wanted to check for him if he would be received elsewhere. I started to look for recommended stem cell clinics online. Facebook groups dedicated to stem cell therapy were helpful.

We sent the medical file to several clinics. Most said no. But, he received a positive answer from one clinic.

The child’s situation is very complex. They were not sure that there was any point in providing the treatment. But they would be willing to let him try.

Following the conversations we had with the doctor at the clinics, I felt that it was possible to send patients there with calm hearts. There are hundreds more clinics, but most will not make our list.

Private stem cell treatment

The prices indicated on this page are subject to the clinics’ decision. I cannot guarantee that this is the price you will receive from them. The prices shown here are based on the prices given for autism treatments. Patients that we accompanied for the treatment of diseases or other syndromes received different price offers according to the situation.

Prices and admission conditions vary from place to place, and from time to time. You should check with the stem cell clinics if you meet the conditions.

If you choose to contact any private clinics on our list, please mention “Hagai Reiner” referred you. This helps us build up our name in the field.

Recommended Stem Cell Clinics in North and Central America

Hopefully, in the near future, the treatment will complete the clinical research stages. With enough evidence, it is very possible that the FDA will approve it for more conditions. Currently in the USA, the treatment cannot be done legally in a private setting.

However, there are research centers and private clinics in the US. Duke is only one example. We will update this list as soon as we find more legal providers.

Innate Healthcare Institute

Recommended stem cell clinic - lecture poster for Innate healthcare institute

We’ve recently spoken with Dr. Travis Whitney. He is very active on Facebook and I was interested in the knowledge he shares. Apperently he practices stem cell medicine in the US. He and claims it is legal to do so in Arizona.

I’ve invited him to speak about his practice and answer the legal question.

The Zoom event is scheduled for Monday 28.11.2022 at 21:00 pm Israel.

You may join the zoom conference as long as spots are available.

After speaking with Dr. Travis Whitney, it is clear that under the current situation we will not be sending clients to get treatment in the US unless it is under Clinical research settings. It is not exactly illegal, but it is also not regulated enough for us as a medical tourism company to collaborate with this type of establishment.

World Stem Cell Clinic – Mexico

This clinic is in Cancun, Mexico. The last time we checked, they charge approximately $17,000-19,000 for a round of treatments.

Their minimum age for treatment is 2 years for autism and 9 months for CP.

You can receive between perinatal or bone-marrow-derived MSC. Treatment plans might include a physiotherapy class.

The price includes the treatment and shuttle services from the airport and back.

Epilepsy treatment does not yet appear on the clinic’s website, however, they do accept epilepsy patients.

Stem Cell Institute – Panama

Stem Cell Institute is in Panama City, Panama. They charge approximately $16,000 for children and $23,000 for adults. *I think the price has increased and has not been updated on the website, I will update if I find updated prices.

This is one of the oldest clinics in the field. It is managed by American doctors (because in the US the bureaucratic limitations did not allow the field to develop).

The treatment includes only the infusion of MSC from the umbilical cord.

The price includes the treatment, transportation, and accommodations at the Hilton Panama hotel for the patient and one attendant.

Epilepsy is not treated as a main condition

Warning: CBCells lab and Angels Hope clinic

There are many people reporting that they came back with good results from clinics that use CBCells products. I do think they are providing real stem cell products.

However, we chose to put this warning here because we are not satisfied with negative reports on this lab and its associated clinic (Angels Hope). We have heard reports of document falsification, and medical malpractice. We are not happy with the “live cell” model. Producing live cells for shipping to other clinics opens up too many options for infections.

We gave CBCells the stage to present their practice. You can learn from Dr. Oliver Leon and his associates from our interview and decide if you like this choice.

Recommended Stem Cell Clinics in Europe

Since we cater mainly to the Israeli crowd, we are more focused on the closer European clinics. The next section will focus on these.

Swiss Medica – Serbia

The first on our list of recommended private clinics for stem cell treatment is Swiss Medica.

For children with autism, there is minimum age and weight. It is currently 3 years old and weighs 15 kilos. Previously it was 5 years old and weighed 15 kilos.

The clinic offers 3 treatment plans according to age/weight. Details about the plans are detailed in a separate article.

The treatment includes stem cell infusions through IV, IM, and nasal drops.

In addition to the treatment, the price includes accommodations: rooms at the clinic for the patient and attendants, and three meals. They also provide an interpreter and transportation from the airport and back.

We have done six treatments at Swiss Medica altogether so far. Most of the patients who ask us for help choose this clinic.

In his first treatment in Russia, Dolev received 2 million MSC per kilo. From the 2nd to 4th treatments he received 4 million cells per kilo (2+2).

And in the fifth treatment in Serbia, they gave him 6 million cells per kilo (3+3) + exosomes.

They are very experienced in treating a wide variety of diseases, injuries, and syndromes.

CBC Health Clinic in the Netherlands

CBC Health Clinic in Europe has a few branches. We have already sent a few patients to the clinic in Slovakia.

Recently signed a contract with Posidonia Clinic in Cyprus. This is significantly closer to Israel so we will probably send patients there when they will be ready.

The clinic gives children and adults umbilical cord blood treatment from donations.

From our research, for now, this is the only clinic we know that gives whole umbilical cord blood from a public bank. It is quite possible that there are more such clinics.

[Update July 2023]: CBC’s main location for our clients is currently the Netheralnds. We have already sent quite a few children there.

Treatment at the clinic costs 18,000 euro for children, and 40,000 for adults. The clinic matches blood doses to the patient according to blood type and there is no need for tissue classification.

However, contact us first to make sure you can get a discount for your first treatment. Treatment at CBC with our discount is 16000 euro. This price is for the treatment only and doesn’t include any amenities.

To contact the clinic directly, you can send a message to Timea’s email or WhatsApp:
+49 1525 2012111

Cell Center – Slovakia

Cell Center is a clinic in Malaky Slovakia. They provide MSC derived from umbilical cord blood.

Treatments start at 5000 euro and can be up to 15000 euro depending on the protocol.

It is also possible to import your cord blood to this clinic for whole cord blood transfusions.

We’ve asked Dr. Renata to provide us with information on the treatment of adults and children. There was a lot to speak about, so she gave us two interviews

MSC treatments for children
MSC treatments for adults

Klara MC – Poland

[2022 update: This clinic is currently without license and closed]

Klara MC is a clinic in Poland. They get umbilical cord MSC from the central cell bank of Poland. They charge 14,500 zlotys for an injection of about a million cells per kilo, and ask patients to return for follow-up treatments every 4-6 weeks, for six months. After a six-month break, they return to a round of follow-up treatments.

Full treatment at the clinic includes up to 10 injections.

(Minimum conditions need to be updated)

Registering for a clinic in Poland requires bureaucratic processing that includes, for example, signing research registration documents for approval by the Helsinki Committee. When the documents have to be filled in by hand with a blue pen only. The documents must be sent by registered mail to the committee in Poland.

There are no special extras in the price of the treatment, and you only receive an infusion of stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue. However, the price does not include accommodation, so with more frequent flights, accommodation, etc., it might not necessarily be cheaper than other places.

Epilepsy treatment does not yet appear on the clinic’s website, but after talking to the doctor they do accept such patients.

Warning: Mardaleishvili Medical Center Georgia

As part of our journey to find a clinic for Dolev, we tried to get treatment at this clinic in Georgia. This is one of the only clinics that accept cord blood from Israel for treatment.

However, Dolev was not accepted for treatment because he has epilepsy.

We do not know the clinic in-depth and it is possible that the doctors and the quality of treatment are good. Occasionally we receive calls from parents who chose this place.

There are many red flags around the lack of understanding of these parents about what is happening in the treatment there:

  • Children come for treatment without their parents’ meeting with a doctor in advance (in zoom).
  • Parents do not understand that the child underwent an invasive operation to aspirate bone marrow. They did not receive an explanation of the possible consequences of such an action.
  • Parents choose a spinal infusion and do not receive an explanation of the possible complication.

It is okay to choose such actions, but you must receive a clear explanation of what can happen, and what needs to be done to avoid further risks.

Austrian Society for Regenerative Medicine clinic in Vienna Austria

This clinic offers bone-marrow-based stem cell therapy. We are generally opposed to sending children to this type of treatment. However, as there are many parents that requested this type of service as well, we contacted Dr. Georg Kobinia.

Dr. Kobinia aspirates bone marrow from the child’s pelvis bone. The bone marrow goes into s centrifuge for 30 minutes, then the white matter is injected intrathecally, and the plasma and red matter is injected intravenously.

Treatment with Dr. Kobinia costs 12000 Euro, and does not include any amenities. If you would like, this price can include some of our services, such as pre and post treatment parental guidance.

Recommended stem cell clinics in Asia

Stem Cell 21 – Thailand

This is a clinic in Bangkok in Thailand. Last we checked, their prices, start at $19,500. The price increases according to the number of cells in increments of 50 million cells.

In addition, stem cell treatment also includes a wide range of secondary treatments.

Treatment can include:

  • Placental or bone marrow stem cells
  • Phototherapy (This is supposed to increase the effectiveness of the stem cells)
  • A nutritional compound that is supposed to increase the efficiency of stem cells
  • Physiotherapy and Shockwave therapy
  • Oxygen therapy by infusion
  • Injection of growth factors

The prices include the treatments only and transportation from the airport and back.

Epilepsy treatment does not yet appear on the clinic’s website, but after talking to the doctor they do accept such patients.

Beike Biotechnologies – Thailand/China

This clinic in Thailand and China offers a variety of treatments including cell-based treatment.

You can get umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells and umbilical tissue MSC.

In addition, treatment plans include two-three weeks of intensive rehabilitation with various techniques. The whole plans are expensive but seem well worth the investment.

To register for free medical consultation with Beike Biotech’s experts, fill out this form:

Stem cell clinics in India

There are quite a few stem cell clinics in India. We did not go in-depth to filter clinics in India.

For starters, you can check out the Stem Cell Care India clinic. They use umbilical cord stem cells for neurological conditions.

From a conversation with the doctor, epilepsy is also treated.

More clinics

There are many more clinics around the world. We are working slowly to research and improve our list.

If you would like to share your experiences, good or bad, we would be happy to hear.

In conclusion

We will gladly help with the registration process for treatment at any of our recommended stem cell clinics.

Our recommendation is to choose autologous cord blood or donated mesenchymal stem cells. There may be advantages to autologous msc sources, but we believe that the surgery required to extract is an unnecessary risk. Most clinics can do autologous procedures.

We have seen amazing results for all three of our children after cord blood or MSC treatments. Unfortunately, not every child we helped had results. There is never 100% success in medicine.

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